Undergraduate Projects

Undergraduates typically research one particular aspect or one particular area of Seattle over the course of the quarter. The final presentation of their research spans many forms and media.

Graduate Projects

Our collections consist of original analysis of various texts. By studying public spaces and their narratives, we explore the city through and beyond its vibrant tapestry of signs and interwoven stories.


Photo: Tom Dobrowolsky. A Ghost sign in Seattle's Pioneer Square.


Urban Archives Digital Collections

We are working with the University of Washington Libraries in an ongoing collaboration to develop a digital archives of urban texts from around the world.

Link to the UA Digital Collections at the UW Libraries (in new window)

Independent Study

We are mentoring undergraduate research partners and collaborators. We offer independent study credit through the Department of Communication. Selected student projects are spotlighted at right.

Learn more about research opportunities.

the Urban Archivist

A weblog containing narrative vignettes and snapshots of informal observations of the urban landscape.

Link to the Urban Archivist

Urban Archives Notebook

Our wiki for case files, research notes, research ideas, instructions and teaching tools, and project administration.

Link to the UA Notebook

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