A social space...

...cannot be adequately accounted for either by nature (climate, site) or by its previous history…Mediations, and mediators, have to be taken into consideration: the action of groups, factors within knowledge, within ideology or within the domain of representations. Social space contains a great diversity of objects, both natural and social, including the networks and pathways which facilitate the exchange of material things and information.

(Lefebvre, 1991)

February 2007 Annual Convention of Western States Communication Association in Seattle

Seattle University Professor of Communication Mara Adelman, editor of Pike Place Market News Megan Lee and Urban Archivists Irina Gendelman and Giorgia Aiello participated in a panel about Pike Place Market (one of the most iconic sites of the city of Seattle) at the WSCA's annual conference in Seattle.

Giorgia and Irina presented their research about The Pike Place Market as a subject of representation in institutional (travel guides) and popular (personal tourist photography) narratives about the market. Great discussion followed about commodification of authenticity, markets as vital spaces, collective memory, historical landmarks and the future of public spaces.


Urban Archives at October Conferences

Giorgia and Irina held a panel on working with undergraduates as research collaborators at the 2006 POD Network Conference in Portland, on October 26th.

Tom presented an audiovisual display of the Urban Archives at the Diversity Research Institute's first annual conference, Place Matters: Seeking Equity in a Diverse Society on October 27-28, 2006 at the UW.

Photo: Urban Archives exhibit; click to enlarge

Featured in the Daily

Photo by Ethan Welty

What we did this summer

We collected images in the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Paris and Russia! New data is being edited and will be added to the Digital Collections shortly.

Photo: Graffiti in St. Petersburg, Russia one week before the G8 Summit. On rollover: Graffiti in Prague, Czech Republic.

Research Accomplishments & Awards

Congratulations to all our smart and inspired students. We're proud of you!!

Spring 2006, Completed Projects

Presentations of Spring projects

Photo: Spring project presenations. Ashley presents her poster on graffiti. On rollover: Thera and Annaliese present their work on tourism in Fremont.

Working with the community..

April 25th UA presented at the 2006 UW Teaching and Learning Symposium.

April 8th , UA collaborated with the Americorps Young Heroes project. Together with their 9-13 year old participants, we hunted for visual elements of cultural identity in Seattle streets.

Photo: Particpants in the collaboration between Urban Archives and the Americorps Young Heroes project.

Winter 2006...

We completed our Winter Quarter data collection on the following topics:

Dec 2005: Digital Collection goes online!

We have begun to make our research data available through the University of Washington Libraries' Digital Collections.

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